cli: KIN 
director: Mila Zuo
production designer:
Saskia Madlener

photography: Zac Cummings

◊ short film


  • art direction
  • editing
  • graphic design
  • production design

“KIN” is a short film exploring the hidden nature of white nationalism that pervadees the American consciousness. The narrative focuses on three youths living in rural America, and how they rationalize feelings of desire, lust, and rejection.

decreation handled both art direction and post-production services. The art direction balances the warm, unpolished feel of film photography, in reference to the anachronistic setting, with modern typographic touches. The illustrations and titles were researched and developed from hand-lettering found in 19th century Oregonian farmer bibles, a further allusion to the location and subject matter.


decreation is an independent creative practice manned by Dougal Henken. It is located on the internet and open 24/7. →