I’d Rather Go Blind

curator: Ebony L. Haynes
graphic design: Ingrid Schmaedecke, Serena Ho
web development: Serena Ho, Carson Evans

◊ gallery exhibition


  • art direction
  • brand development
  • exhibition design
  • graphic design
  • motion graphics

RYOT is a new media company specializing in immersive and linear video production. The studio was formed in opposition to modern media by seeking to return to journalistic truth through film, VR, and AR installations.

The RYOT brand was developed around a simple, flexible word mark. The letter forms draw from neon signage, with rounded caps, as well as traditional news print, with ink bleed. The lower-case "Y" is elevated to match the upper-case forms, a sign of both revolution and equality,  reflecting this foundational, anarchic spirit of the firm.


decreation is an independent creative practice manned by Dougal Henken. It is located on the internet and open 24/7. →