I’d Rather Go Blind

curator: Ebony L. Haynes
graphic design: Ingrid Schmaedecke, Serena Ho
web development: Serena Ho, Carson Evans


◊ gallery exhibition


  • art direction
  • brand development
  • exhibition design
  • graphic design
  • motion graphics


“I’d Rather Go Blind “ was the first group show for First Year MFA Fine Arts students held at RISD’s Gelman Gallery in Providence, RI. The identity uses abstract, blurred forms to reflect show title and the guiding principal of “feeling the unseen”.

From the curator:

“I’d Rather Go Blind is an installation of video, sculpture, photography, and painting, and reflects on how we might feel the unseen, realize energy into something physical, and capture the ephemeral. Together the works in this show reverberate off of each other and the space, reciprocally. Moving throughout this place, the atmosphere shines on intersections where light meets sound, where we are able to capture things like time and water, feel ghostly aural gestures, and wait for the next act. I’d Rather Go Blind has been curated by Ebony L. Haynes, Senior Director at David Zwirner Gallery and Curator of 52 Walker.”


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