cli: self-directed

⟼ research book

  • 6.8” × 9.7”
  • 40 pages

  • art direction
  • graphic design
  • research

Protests are a form of ideological debate that regularly take place throughout the U.S. The chaotic energy that is often represented in the media can be parsed through analysis of symbols, aesthetics, and language, both visual and verbal. Utilizing documentation of protests and collected interviews, this experimental book project focuses on engagements between U.S. Police and the Black Lives Matter movement in the years following the killing of Eric Garner in 2014.

I designed two books, meant to be read together, that examine how members of the Police and the Black Lives Matter movement present through language and symbols. Additional poster pamphlets consider a third voice in these struggle, that of the general public, collecting the top online comments from each transcribed interview and publishing them in series.


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