abc farms
cannabis products

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↔ branding

  • art direction
  • brand development
  • packaging design
  • UX/UI

ABC Farms is a cannabis grower based in Humboldt County California. Their products range from cultivated flower to extracts and topicals, all of which are organically derived to support everyday health and balance.

decreation developed a brand system that reflects this goal. Simple and accessible, a balanced mark pairs with a fluid, mono typesystem that helps focus attention on the information. Film scan textures lend a feeling of tactility and reflect the natural qualities of the the produce. The result is a brand system that sidesteps the common tropes of positivity and well-being in favor of clean, modern utility; medicinal cannabis products for your daily routine.


decreation is an independent creative practice manned by Dougal Henken. It is located on the internet and open 24/7. →